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Our individual automation solutions will significantly increase your efficiency - no matter which industry you come from.


Finance & Banking
Public sector

Long queues, poor service and long processing times - your customers probably complain about this all over the world. The reason is simple: master data changes and customer inquiries occur every day via various channels and keep your employees busy all day long.

With clever front-end automation, the majority of your manual activities can be automated holistically, intelligently and sustainably, and your employees can take care of your most important asset - your customers.

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Information technology
Human resources

You are constantly “sitting between chairs” and communicating between departments, management and your own team - fighting against windmills.

There is a lack of uniformity in language to automate your processes intelligently and holistically throughout the entire company.

The meta:suite connects front-end and back-end processes, speaks one language with BPMN2.0 and manages to bring harmony into your processes. Unbelievable?

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