Synergies instead of silos

Automation Fabric creates a smart network of processes and tools. Are you ready for a new level of efficiency?

Easy & intuitive
Integrative Agents
Cross-divisional communication

Easy to use - for absolutely everyone!

You can optimize ongoing processes within the meta:suite via Drag & Drop. This way, you encourage the understanding between the departments and IT, which will improve the transfer of knowledge. How will this affect the performance of your company?

Processes instead of tasks!
Custom integration

Intelligent process automation of tomorrow - already today!

Combine the forces of Digital Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation. Instead of sequencing individual tasks, automate entire business processes.

Fewer hurdles between front-and back-end with lower service costs - what are you waiting for?

Reliable resilience
Robust solution
Open software environment

A resilient system!

Worries about downtime are a thing of the past thanks to a redundant network of end devices. A decentralized structure combined with enterprise-wide data loss protection stands up to any audit