meta:suite - Your digital business starts here.

The meta:suite combines a collection of automation technologies, including RPA, low-code tools, chatbots, and application-level machine learning. So your digital processes rise to new heights.

All-In One - How Automation Becomes an Application

There are three core components that manage your front- and back-end processes perfectly and due to the holistic approach of the meta:suite, planning, automation and process optimization are united in one central place.

Each part of the meta:suite consists of a harmonized structure, which is also open to third-party applications. Our applications are based on BPMN 2.0 and therefore usable for common industry standards.

With the help of Application Model Notation (AMN), it is possible to implement entire applications into simple packages. Also the meta:suite interacts freely with the application and knows all possibilities of operation and independently implements the most efficient way for your automation goal.

Illustration meta suite overview

Core components of the meta:suite


The name says it all. The meta:command is the operational control center of the meta:suite. meta:command groups relevant key figures and processes, as well as reporting in one place. It also takes care of the administration aspects. These can be summarized directly in graphical dashboards and presented visually.

Dashboards give you the ability to keep track of all processes, identify problems before they arise and make sense of optimization potential.

Your Advantage: Even if you already use your own process management application, you can easily integrate your data through the interface.

Illustration meta suite command
Illustration meta suite flow


How great would it be if recording and modeling processes, as well as automation, could be implemented in seconds? Instead of weeks, you can automate processes yourself in less than minutes with minimal effort.

Recording and modeling are mapped in BPMN 2.0, eliminating the need for developers completely. Furthermore: It’s possible to seamlessly integrate your processes from different departments into the existing structure. This means less work and struggles for your IT department. At the same time, you empower every employee to work with you to solve the challenge of digitalization.

The best for last: This process happens completely autonomously; while you search, click and write. That's all because of our tool for recording and Modeling your processes. meta:flow stands for minimal effort and working without complicated code. Our goal: to keep your costs as low as possible.


Let's be honest: How productive would we be if we didn't have all the tools to make our work easier? As the centerpiece of your automation fabric, meta:core delivers the skills & tools, so your virtual colleagues can perform at their best on a day-to-day basis.

The Secret? A master database. This allows you to easily gather necessary information and complete your task according to the previously defined process.

Moreover: because of central controlling, an intelligent management of limited resources becomes possible. Instead of being inactive, your virtual colleagues are automatically assigned to new processes.

Who wants to wait for an existing robot to be recoded and has the budget for additional maintenance work? Exactly.

Illustration meta suite core
Illustration meta suite meta agent

We introduce: Your new virtual colleague


Imagine that someone could do your repetitive and time-consuming tasks for you. Unthinkable? Meet the meta:agent. Meet the meta:agent. Your virtual colleague will do the majority of your repetitive work. It doesn't matter if he works with one, ten or a hundred other meta:agents.

Repetitive tasks are carried out by the meta:agent for you.

This allows you to use your resources effectively to make your business processes even more efficient.

Get to know your charming, virtual colleague now! So that he can assist you in a flexible, autonomous way after a short period of training.

Now you want to see the meta:suite in action, right?

Then contact us - without obligation & free of charge - for a live demo. Learn within 60 minutes what the meta:suite is all about, how it works and how it takes your process automation to the next level (even if you are already using RPA).