The history of the meta:suite

Since the founding of meta:proc more than 25 years ago, the two founders Mika Göckel and Oliver Runge have been looking back on a journey characterized by change, digitization, innovations and automation. The professional partnership and friendship that has lasted to this day is full of mutual successes, lessons and a never-ending curiosity.

Everything started with the question: "How can we make our customers' working lives easier through innovations and technology?" The result was a spin-off of the service provider business in the field of software development, after five years another branch for digitization and automation emerged.
meta:proc was born.

Honesty. Progress. Change.

We treat each of our projects with passion and loyalty. Automation can only succeed at eye level. We work together with our customers on innovative future solutions and do not shy away from criticism or problems. Quite the reverse! We use this to keep growing and always be the best version of ourselves.

Our team consists of pioneers, developers, creative minds, future experts and people who think outside the box. We pull together to develop the perfect solution for our customers and pave the way to a digital future. Each individual is important in his function and irreplaceable for an optimal result.

The meta:suite

A particularly important milestone since meta:proc was founded is the creation of meta:suite. This is initially due to a business relationship between cyber:con and Deutsche Telekom that has existed for more than 20 years. To overcome various challenges, a proprietary software solution was developed as part of this business relationship, which helped to meet the necessary requirements. This is how the "e:Agent" was developed. This initially proved to be a good and suitable solution, which is still in use today. By using e:Agent, Deutsche Telekom was able to achieve excellent results in a very short time.

The e:Agent is an independent and complementary alternative to the common products on the market. Due to the fast process management, however, the number of orders also grew and the previous requirements for the automation program changed. With around 3,000 unattended bots and more than 500 individual processes (source: Deutsche Telekom, as of 2019), further challenges arose that had to be solved in the future.

Since e:Agent was not intended for such scaling, the sister company meta:proc was founded. The main task and goal of meta:proc is to rethink the topic of automation in all facets of the end-to-end view with RPA using various technologies.
This means: The focus is on the "meta" process. In order to ensure its automation, a transformation of different methods such as RPA, BPA and orchestration comes into play at different stages. Depending on the approach, they work hand in hand or take turns.

By the way: The name meta:proc came from this idea.

The company name meta:proc means: Preventing possible isolated solutions and dead ends in automation in order to develop a product that seamlessly combines Desktop Automation (RPA) with Digital Process Automation (DPA). meta:proc anticipated what Forrester now calls "automation fabric" and sees it as a trend for the next few years.

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